270 Join the 10 Day Meditation Challenge!

This 10 day meditation challenge will have you feeling calm, grounded and vibrant. We challenge you to follow along for 10 days and meditate everyday for five to ten minutes. That’s it. Do-able for anyone…even the busiest people.

There is a short video overview and introduction to meditation

followed by ten mp3 audio files which you can download to your smart phone, ipod, tablet, laptop or any other mobile device. Plug in your headphones and listen to the meditations anywhere. They are meant to go with you! The idea of the Ten Day Meditation Challenge is to get you started in the habit of meditating everyday.

When practiced regularly, meditation can improve your health in many ways.

  • Improve your sleep, energy and mood
  • Increase your focus, memory and concentration
  • Reduce your stress and anxiety
  • Discover the joy of daily meditation
  • Enjoy benefits in all areas of life
  • Convenient, simple routine
  • Develop your own meditation practice
The idea is to get you started in the habit of meditating everyday.
After ten days of meditation you will already see the benefits in your health and your life. Most people continue meditating after completing the challenge as life just feels so much better! Challenge yourself for ten days. Better yet, take the challenge with a friend or family member! It’s simple to do and a great way to try meditation for the first time. Use it to start your day feeling vibrant, grounded and calm.
The daily meditations in this course are audio files (not video). This is intentional as it allows you to listen to the meditation and ‘go within’. The first two lectures include video as they are an introduction and overview to the meditation experience. After that, you will be listening to audio for each of the ten days. We suggest you close your eyes as you listen so that you can fully relax.For optimal sound use headphones.Each day you will experience a different guided audio meditation. There are many styles of meditation and the trick is finding the one that works best for you. Some people prefer visualization while others prefer mantras or guided body meditations. You will experience ten different meditations in this challenge. Each one explores a different ‘style’ or technique so by the end you can decide which meditation works best for you. They are all very simple meditations meant to introduce you to the concept of meditation.Feel free to download the mp3 audio files and continue meditating on your own after the ten days. Load them on your mobile device and take them with you!The meditations are convenient, easy-to-do and VERY relaxing.
The Ten Day Meditation Challenge is located in the Communi-Qi membership found here:
Enjoy the journey!